Unable to connect to PhPMyAdmin

Hi, I’m unable to connect to PhPMyAdmin under cpanel using edge/IE/FireFox or chrome

And for MySQL, I’m unable to connect to the database I’ve create. Below the error.

*ERROR occurred: ‘Access denied for user “epiz_240668007”@“” (using password: YES)’
Please correct and relaunch.

I read this link and follow all advice with no chance

That article links only the common connection errors, not phpMyAdmin errors. Try removing cookies or cache or login to the Panel in incognito mode to prevent ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS errors while logging on phpMyAdmin, and make sure you clicked on “Show/Hide” to show the password of the hosting account, to not put asterisks while copying the password.

Clear cache/coockies … incognito mode … same error

Try changing browser then.

Test with IE 11 / Chrome 75 / Firefox 67 … same problem

deleting database … recreating phpmyadmin ok

This is a more commonly occurring problem with database permissions which tend to get corrupted once in a while. If phpMyAdmin shows a redirect error and the PHP code shows Access Denied, that’s usually a good indicator.

I can get database permissions reset, which generally fixes both issues. But recreating a database probably works as well.

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