Unable to download the htdocs from the online file manager

epiz_28441376 or http://editecom.great-site.net/

this is created using the wordpress

I am unable to download the htdocs from the online file manager


I have also tried downloading them using plugin in the wordpress dashboard using file manager plugin But is also of no use. Could please resolve this or give me an another solution

thank you

Use filezilla


I cant download the “htdocs folder
but you can download individual files.
Nice website you have Muheeth10

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thank you, but downloading each individual file might take huge time because I want to have all folders and files in htdocs.

Thanks for the idea

Welcome :grin:

yes K is right
an F.T.P. can download the htdocs folder.
i wonder why infinity havnt fixed this ?


Try clicking on the /htdocs folder so it turns yellow, then on the download icon in the lower black bar. It may or may not work.
Let me know if it does!

I dont know much about this sort of thing,
but it looks like incorrect Coding
F.T.P.s dont have this problem
maby infinity is unaware of it.

Because the file manager uses the same FTP connection as FileZilla does. You don’t want to use FileZilla because downloading many files over FTP takes a long time. The file manager cannot do this any faster. In fact, FileZilla is much better optimized for this than any web based file manager could ever be.

We can’t just fix this because “fixing” this means building a completely new interface to interact with files on our platform. And that’s much easier said than done.

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