Unable to embed a short 8 second video

I will give the html 5 a try. I have tried many extensions.

I have tried all the html formats mentioned ie MP4 , OGG , and WebM video formats.

Use mp4 (it has wider support - different OS and browsers)

Codec H.264
H.265 (newer browsers that are not older than 5 years)

of course, make sure that the file size is not larger than 10MB (limit on hosting)
and you will have to wait a little longer for loading because the video extensions are slowed down here (the server uses throttling) because this is website hosting and it is allowed to have video only as an intro or background on the website


And one more thing, I noticed that you have “uploaded” extensions in capital letters and some in lower case

for example:

Neglected culvert.jpg

The server here is case SenSitivE
and in your code (HTML) you have to be careful to write identically to what is called a file or extension,

or better always use lowercase letters for everything (as well as for extensions)
so you don’t have to think and there will be fewer mistakes.


Use videojs or playerjs which mostly support all format

Have tried the html 5 solution with MP4 but the video does try to load but does not succeed and get a black screen where the video should be.
Perhaps this will be of help.
My current original plug-in codebase is: http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=6,4,5,715
Does this need updating and can it be?
I have tried uploads on Opera, Edge, Chrome & Firefox browsers but get same result. The videos are not an essential component of the site, more ‘nice to have’ but I would like to solve the upload issue if possible.

Can you share the code you used?

You can also opt to use YouTube and embed your video if you wish.

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I think hosting has bigger problems (or it’s a DDoS on nameservers or something like that)
connection timed out; no servers could be reached

so it’s no wonder your video isn’t working right now (if you did everything as you should)

update:problem fixed

Please upload a video file in mp4 format to the image folder
and report back when you’ve done it

Another reason why your video is not working

because you have this


and then the video is under all that and you can’t click play etc.

Remove that part of the code and then try it !

For testing, use this code that you put at the very bottom

<video controls>
<source src="https://www.w3schools.com/html/mov_bbb.mp4" type="video/mp4">



you uploaded AVI and not mp4

the code on the page is still some old one that does not use the VIDEO tag

Download this

put video file in images dir

overwrite the html file with this new one

clean browser cache with CTRL + F5 after all this


Thanks to all. I only used the the MP4 file to see if the HTML 5 solution worked and as I said it did not. With the plug-in I use at the moment the only valid file extensions that can be uploaded are: avi, asf, asx, wmv, wmx, ra, rm, ram, *.qt, *.mov, *.movie and as demonstrated these do not work when live; these have always worked on other servers. MP4 is not an option and is not a valid extension for upload on the plug-in I have.


just download what I prepared for you

let me know when you download it
so I can delete it from gdrive


Greenreader, Thanks but am trying to avoid Youtube.

why do you use a plugin when a browser can natively play a video file (or you have some old silly HTML editor that doesn’t know any other way)


Please see Oxydac’ssolution then, he is basically


I think his HTML editor is to blame
probably some ancient edition that doesn’t know how to insert video other than using object
which is still in the phase when there was a flash player, etc.

it’s probably been shut down a long time ago…

He should use a more modern HTML editor

and pay attention to the CSS so that it does not place the video below 10 layers
then normally he can’t even press play


Yes probably an old plug-in.

you didn’t tell me if I can delete the zip from gdrive?


Yes you can delete. Thanks for the help.