Unable to park domain


i’m trying to park the domain “manuelacapresi.it” (register.it) to my infinityfree account

at the moment i’am using the base installation of joomla (from softaculos app installer)

when i try to park the domain i get “error adding domain”. the register.it settings is ns1.epizy.com ns2.epizy.com and has passed more the 72 hours. i’ve done a search into forum archive but i didn’t find any solution

I checked here and the nameservers for your second domain are still pointing to Register.it’s ones. So it seems like the Italian Registry (available on http://nic.it) doesn’t accept changing nameservers if they don’t have a DNS record for your domain, and Register.it denied the changing, even though the Panel says it’s pointing to our nameservers. So you can’t do anything for now to add the domain, but wait until another DNS record domain adding system will be added on our system, so that you will only need to set up DNS records and then you can add the domain without problems.


thank you bery much

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