Unlimited DNS records

Which DNS hosting service provides unlimited DNS records ?
Cloudflare seems to have a limitation of 1000.


Why do you need unlimited DNS records? 1,000 should be way more then enough.

Just sitting up a website where users can have their own sub domains

Something like that is probably not really viable on free hosting. If you expect to have over a 1,000 people visiting your website and holding accounts, you are probably going to break limits here on free hosting.

Each account only gets x number inodes, and there are bandwidth and hits limits as well.

I would recommend you just start with Cloudflare and free hosting, and if you start running into issues, or start to each the max limit of records, then look into other options.


I never said that I will be using infinity free. I was asking if anyone know any service for my use case (⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)
Even my all main website are hosted on other services especially on GitHub. Just a few php files here which hardly loads in ages.
What I am asking for is different also I tagged this as informal not related to hosting

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I think records being unlimited is more common than not in my experience. But I don’t really know which are good, it’s been a while since I’ve had the need to use anything other than Cloudflare (except the cases where the needs were so specific I needed to pull it in-house).

Last time I did, I had good experience with Hurricane Electric’s DNS. And they still seem to be around, which means they’re at least experienced.


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