Upload archive files

I notice that im unable to upload a file larger than 10mb.

My website script is 200+mb with total 25k files in total.

I tries to upload each files via ftp but it tooks forever even though i use plain ftp for fast connection.

My question is can i archive all the files and split into a few part and upload it into your hosting? Is the split archive can be unzip like normally in a computer?

I think it’s not possible because you must have the separated archive program/software to do that. But I haven’t tried it.
I recommend you zip your file folder by folder & make sure the zip file isn’t exceed 10 MB.

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This is probably still the best way to do it. Yes, you may need to leave it running for a long time, but it’s by far the most reliable way to upload all files.

What you can do is increase the number of concurrent connections in FileZilla. Normally, FileZilla only uploads two files at a time, but you can increase this to 10.

Maybe there is a PHP script which could do this? We don’t provide this as a feature, but maybe you could figure out a way to do this anyways.

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