URGENT! I need delete my email but i can't

My url is: http://mosaicon.net

I’m trying delete my domain, but i need to remove all the emails that have, but when I click in the ‘delete’ button, one of them, have an especial character ‘&’, and the page shows me this message: “Email address contains illegal characters please report this to support
Illegal characters in domain name.
Illegal characters in hostname part 4 ().
The domain name specified is too short.
Error #459346986 If you have removed the domain from your cPanel, please re-add it before trying to remove email accounts.”
What I have to do?

Please, help me, I need resolve that asap

You need to wait for the Admin to remove the illegal characters email account.

Do I need to make any requests for them?

You don’t need to request. Sometimes the Admin is active here, so wait for him.

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You already did by posting here.

The email account has now been removed.

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