URL Base dosnt work. Rest does


My website URL is: sneaky.services

What I’m seeing is:

The base url, sneaky.services dosnt work or return any data into the needed browser.

I’m using this software:

Edge, WinSCP

Additional information:

Example : (More details on there)


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It seems to me that it is actually the opposite
that the base url works ok and the rest has a lot of mistakes

few wrong closed /open html tags

here is overridden a jQuery url (thx to base url)

nice way to crash…just visit http://sneaky.services/admin/login/


Thanks! Could you please delete this thread?


I’m sorry - we can not do it
Also, there is no reason to be ashamed !
You have to be proud of yourself - because unlike others you tried to do something with your own knowledge and possibilities.
Do not be discouraged :slight_smile:

You should be grateful for any problem that arises because you are learning through them

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