URL masking

Hello, I have a wix website and I want my subdomain to redirect it using URL Masking method, I searched it up online and found one of these .htaccess methods
#Redirect a domain to a specific url
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain.com
RewriteRule ^(.*) http://www.yourotherdomain.com/directory [P]

I want to try it but, I’m afraid that I’ll get suspended by doing it… Can anyone help?

You can’t use the subdomains from InfinityFree elsewhere.

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I know but, i just want it to redirect using the .htaccess method

I don’t know much about Wix, but does that Wix has domain system in their panel?
Like Blogger or Github for example.
So you can connect & set up your domain wihout troubling with redirection or htaccess.

I think on Wix you can’t add your own domain if you don’t pay for a plan where there is a possibility to add your own domain.


Oh sad.

There are basically two ways to do URL masking.

The way you just showed with the .htaccess rules is using our hosting as a proxy to redirect all traffic to Wix. The comment at the top is misleading, because the code is not “redirecting”, it’s “proxying”. This means that all the traffic between your visitors and the Wix servers is passed through our servers first.

This method has pros and cons, but the most important thing to note is that we don’t allow proxies to be hosted with us, so these .htaccess rules will not work. This will not cause your account to be suspended, but won’t allow your website to work either.

The other method is to use is by uploading an index.html to your account with us, which contains a full screen iframe element which shows the Wix page. This means visitors will see your own domain in their browser, but will connect directly to your Wix site. The disadvantage is that people will not be able to navigate directly to specific pages on your site. This kind of usage is fine with us.

You could also opt to forego URL masking and just use redirects instead. There are many ways to setup redirects, with the Redirects tool in the control panel being the easiest option.


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