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the server is very slow

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it takes forever to load

I don’t think the server is slow, but your site is may be using a lot of resources. If it’s a WP website, that is common. Can you provide the URL to your website?

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The specs of the server vary, but it’s all modern server hardware, which is very fast.

But a fast server doesn’t guarantee a fast website.

If your website is slow, can you please share the URL so we can have a look if it’s slow for us too, or maybe give some tips on how to improve it?


Thank u,

i’m not one of the admins here, just visitor - but the site works great for me. very fast.


sometimes working very fast but sometimes not, idk whats wrong!

Your site only loads slow only the first time, every time after that is fast. Why? Because your website has download a lot of data to work. After the first time, the content is already downloaded, so it can go fast. Once the cache time expires, it will be slow until it is re-cached.

How to make it faster:
Reduce the number of files needed
Move your JS (Like GA) to the bottom
Reduce the size of your files


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