Want to change Domain

Hi, I have a epizy subdomain and i want to change it to new paid domain. Will it affect my google ranking? as i want to apply it for adsense.

If you already have a custom domain, just add it to your account in the “Addon Domains” section in cPanel. Then, move your files over to the new folder in FTP and apply for Adsense.

You also recommend Cloudflare for your custom domain.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Yeah, I got that…but my question is will changing the domain affect my seo or google ranking?


Is it going for short time or long? Like i m going to change it from gkeducation.epizy to gkeducation.com

One more thing…do you recommend to change it? As epizy has Good DA



Just make 301 at the old address and head to the new address
(read more in the article above)

And there should be no problems because google bot will see it and know that this is a new address
and over time it will replace the SERP with new data


Yes it will affect, but the time period is unsure. Read this for more.

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Yes, a domain name change can have an impact on SEO. Search engines have indexed the pages on your current domain. The authority of your current domain is what propels your content to the top of the search results.
If you conduct SEO properly on your website, it will rank.