Want to move my .com domain to other hosting

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My domain is rishadistiak.com. I want to move my domain to other hosting. But it’s showing this "If you don’t do anything, your account will be deleted automatically after 60 days. Accounts cannot be deleted earlier on request. "
When I visit my domain, It redirects me to “iFastNet.com Special offer and Discount Coupon
Won’t I be able to use my domain immediately to other host?

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The domain is yours. As long as you’re paying for it, nobody but you can decide where to point it.
You just need to go to your domain registrar and change the name servers of your domain to your new hosting service.


Disconnect your domain changing nameservers

I have changed my nameserver. But still It’s redirecting me to this link iFastNet.com Special offer and Discount Coupon

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Yes, that can happen if you remove the domain or deactivate the account before the nameservers have been fully updated. See this section for the details:

I have already removed my domain from infinityfree & deactivated account. Then I changed the dns. Should I reactivate infinityfree or just waiting will solve the issue?

Just wait a few hours for the DNS to propagate.
Your new name servers are already in place and everything seems to be fine:


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Do this:

  1. Change your nameservers back to IF nameservers
  2. Then, reactivate your account.
  3. Go into the cPanel and remove your domain
    If it says an error, then try adding a random domain and then removing the main one.
  4. Then deactivate your account
  5. Change your nameservers and then add them again to the other hosting.

Should work :slight_smile:

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