Web Assembly files (wasm)

username: epiz_26707074


problem: Unable to upload a wasm file

I’m using the game engine Godot to create game files. To use HTML5, we need to upload a web assembly file that it creates with the extension .wasm

When I try to upload this file to the server, it automatically gets deleted. I was just wondering how can run my game file without this file or how can I upload this?

Read About why your files are being deleted after upload


Thanks, I was afraid of that. I think the wasm file is a type of executable that is needed in order to run web assembly. Since I have a free account, I can’t upload that type of file. If I pay for an account, I wonder if I would be able to do this or not.

What is the size of the WASM file?

WebAssembly itself is just as “executable” as Javascript, which is allowed of course. I would be very surprised if the file size was the issue.

My guess it’s a file size limitation.


Oh, I see. The file is 17.2Mb. I’m guessing that’s too big? Do you know what the limitation is?



Yep, that would be the reason. As @KangJL said, the limit for that type of file is 10MB, the only way to get around this is to upgrade to premium hosting.


Thanks for the information, everyone! I appreciate the information.



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