WebMail Problem

I have a problem with my webmail, I cant recieve emails sent by others. but i can send emails.
The mx records are set to mx.epizy.com but still i cant recieve the emails. I have got the domain from Freenom and set the nameservers to infinity free one. Can anyone pls help.

What is your domain name, so that I can try to help you?

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Your domain has Cloudflare integration enabled, that breaks MX records and subdomains. If you want to receive emails on your webmail account, you may need to disable Cloudflare integration completely from the cPanel and sign up and add the domain from Cloudflare directly.

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@Ergastolator1 how do you know that? I will try and reply.

I checked using my pre-configured DigWebInterface. Replace ergastolator.website with your domain and click on “Dig”, then scroll down and see the MX records; if there aren’t any probably the Cloudflare integration is on or you didn’t set the MX records from your Control Panel.


@Ergastolator1 are there any alternatives than manually re-adding cloudflare?

If you still want the security and protection of Cloudflare while also receiving emails and have working subdomains at the cost of adding a DNS record for that, there isn’t any alternative than manually re-adding Cloudflare.

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