Website blank including wordpress login page


I have hosted my website at a couple of days back I logged in using the wordpress admin page and got a notification to update the “elementor” and “envato” plugins, which I did. The update started and I got the notification “entering the maintenance mode” after which nothing happened the page remained blank. Now I can’t access anything. The website is blank and the wp-admin page is also blank. I created the website by myself and it has taken hours of work to finish it. Now loosing it would be a huge loss. If anyone can suggest any way to recover it. I would be very grateful.


Hello, Klaentic do not worry there is always a solution for these kinds of the problem so stay calm! What you can do is go to file manager from client area>Htdocs>wp-content and plugin and delete plugins that you think might have caused the error. Before going through all that, give it some time to see if it fixes itself. Let me know if your problem solves or we will re-evaluate our approach :smile:


Thank you so much AegonTr. Followed the steps and the website is back.