Website do not work at all

Can you check your control panel and see if there any ary error messages, or if any of the metrics on the right are at or near 100%?

everything seems to be ok on control panel,msql…etc

i just wanted to make update to my site ,but i realized is down.but i do not maked any changes

Same issue, is your website also using host aka

so…i think the problem is temporary.

can you go to your domain provider, and take a screenshot of the nameservers you are using?

Sorry, didn’t realize I can do this myself :thinking:
You are using the wrong nameservers, change these to and This may be one of the things causing the issue.
but i did not chaged me

I am confused. Try changing your nameservers to and in your namecheap dashboard

maybe ,becouse i tryed to get ssl(https)?

You can get SSL for free with InfinityFree, but you have to be using the correct nameservers first. ( &

I’m going to ask again:

Is your website also using host aka

I think there is an outage with this web server right now.

i do not find in dashboard where to change nameservers.pls hlp

Actually, I think your issue is here…
You need to assign your domain to an account.

i do not understand???
it is assigned an account

Wait a second… you are using a sub-domain, I thought you were using a normal domain.

I think @Tenetsucks may be correct, can you confirm if you are using host This can be found under “account details”.

This is a global issue. There is nothing we can do, it is a problem at iFastNet’s end. Please wait until the problem is fixed.


@all2seeiptv, your site should now work again!

the bit is randoma and generated per account
Website IPs and are down

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