Website got Suspended

Dear InfinityStaffs,

My website got suspended for uploading too many files via FTP. The size per file is about 2kb - 3mb and with a total of files is 26k with a total size of 136MB. I didn’t expect that I will got suspended for that and I’m sorry for that I wasn’t informed but I am informed on the max size upload per file which is 10MB.

Apologies for the trouble to your system if ever something happen because of that.
I promised that I will no longer upload that (documentation php files).

I would like to follow my Support Ticket: #774106 and also request to delete the folder located at htdocs/docs

Thank you, Sorry.

You cannot ask us to remove the folder via this forum. Wait for the iFastNet support to help via your support ticket.


Okay thank you for the information

Nope, it wasn’t. Where did you get this idea from? As far as I can tell, nobody told you this.

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