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I have never made a website before so this process has been super confusing but I’ve tried to follow the directions from different forum topics and I still do not really know what I’m doing. Any advice you can offer would be great, just with the understanding that I know nothing about website building. I set up a free domain with Infinity Free. I built a website using Mobirise and published via FTP using all of the FTP info from the Infinity Free Control panel. It’s been one week, that’s 7 days or 170 hours, from what I’ve read in the forums, that’s more than enough time for the DNS to populate, but when I type in the website name, my web page does not come up, for the last 7 days it has only shown the “Lets Make Something Awesome” ad from Infinity Free. I have looked through the help sections and appear to have done it correctly. Unless I missed something all of the mobirise stuff loaded into the htdocs folder and is there. My website is extremely image, link and text heavy but I don’t think that would really matter since infinity free assures unlimited server storage? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


I checked your account and it looks like all the MobiRise files are there, and have been uploaded to the right folder. In fact, you can already access your website pages like so:

So why doesn’t your home page show up when you enter just the domain in your browser? That’s because your website does not have a file called index.html. The server looks for a file called index.html, not Main-Page.html, to load as the default page of a folder. Since there is not index.html file, it defaults to the next available file, which is the default welcome page.

To fix this, all you probably need to do is to rename Main-Page.html to index.html and upload that file instead.


Thank you! Everything works now after changing the name to index.

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