Website IP under attack

Since yesterday afternoon 15:00 UTC, all websites on the IP addresses have been frequently unreachable.

How do I know I’m affected?

If your website is affected by this issue, your website will take a very long time to load, after which you will see some kind of Connection Timed Out error. In Google Chrome, this is indicated by the error code ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

Optionally, you can verify if your website is hosted on one these IP addresses by following this guide:

What caused this issue?

This particular website IP address has been the target of persistent DDoS attack. To prevent damage to the other websites on the same server, iFastNet was forced to temporarily disable all traffic to this IP address.

When will this issue be resolved?

iFastNet is monitoring the situation. The IP address will be brought back online as soon as the DDoS attacks have subsided. Unfortunately, we have no way to tell when this will be.

UPDATE: The IP address has come back online on the 5th of September around 20:00 UTC.


it’s weird :frowning:

hope it fixes

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I also hope so, but I’m not affected fortunately to that issue.

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Yay Fortunately My Website’s IP Is Protected,
Oh And Also I Hope The DDoS Attack Is Over And Repaired.

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i wish ;-;

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Anyway Who’s Actually The One Who Carries Out These Attacks? :confused:

Evil persons who got hurted when they see ppl’s happiness

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You Mean Hackers.

they’re evil at all.

I can also become a hacker but i’m not evil and i not want to use my knowledge for those things ;-;

I’ve Made A Joke, Not Evils You MEAN Hackers Right? Get it?

Okay… As You Said In Previous Topics We’re Going Off Topics Right?

@Admin If I Create Another Website Using The Same Account The New Website’s IP Is Going To Change Or Not

depending to your chance. i don’t see why you’re hurry? it’ll fixed as fast as possible :grinning:

I’m Creating Another Website But It’s Addon Domain And In The Same Account. Making Website In The Account That Is Not Affected By DDoS Attack

I Just Have A Scheduled Website. And Look At The Time It’s WHEN IT’S VULNERABLE.

the reason that i’m telling please be patience due it fixes ;-;

This DDoS Attack Surprised Me.

also it surprised me a lot :pleading_face:

And Look At That I Tested Out Using One Of My Test Domains And Created A Website And Boom It’s Created The Same Minute (Not Exaggerating Literraly)