Website IPs and are down

Hi, i’m a new IFree user, may make some blunders or leave out relevant info, please be patient . . .

My new website is down since Jun 4, IP apparently, an IP not listed in the down lists afaict. I cannot log in via ftp to update, and the only pages i can view are those in my browser cache, otherwise i get the error msg “The connection has timed out . . . The server at is taking too long to respond.”

And when i try to go to control panel i get the error msg “maintenance is underway on your server you will see your site offline until the work has completed, please do not make a support ticket about this. Apologies for the inconvenience”

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Sarlo

Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a server outage. You will just have to wait for iFastNet to fix it.




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Okay, thanks.

I gather from OxyDac’s msg – which i could not read here, as it is text in the form of an image, and could only read, ie open the image, in my email – that my IP is not but dually located in and, the two well-known failed IP’s in the main discussion. Apparently this is only relating to my account info.

I am, compared to most of you probably, a relative newbie, though i have had sites up on my various ISP’s webhosting services for over twenty years. My current ISP has just dropped this service so i found myself here, fairly ignorant of a lot of tech stuff relating to the net.

Thanks for your patience,

Sorry for the delay in the reply. is down too, but it’s down due to a DDoS attack, not because the same issue that’s described in the initial topic here. It will be brought back up when the attack is over, which should be a lot sooner than these IPs.

As for these IPs itself:

I checked with iFastNet earlier today and it seems that the maintenance process has gotten stuck. iFastNet is looking for solutions on how to bring the IPs back up in another way. It’s possible that some data loss may occur because of this, but it’s hard to say anything definitively at this time.


@Admin Now, I make a question: If I delete the account where my domain is hosted, will I be able to use that same domain in a new account?
I urgently need to work on my page. And the problem is that I have used my own domain. And I can’t lose it.
Please, I urgently need your help
my IP

Please don’t ping the Admin!!!

@liviacedeno, please don’t ask your question in multiple spots, I already answered you.

@Greenreader9 ah, but you didn’t answer my question. What I want to know exactly, you told me you couldn’t help me. That is why I turn to others who may be able to clear my doubt.
I repeat: If I delete an Infinity Free account, without having deleted the domain, can I use this same domain in another new account?
The domain is mine, and I already paid for it, I can’t lose it.
Thank you for understanding. Y
It would be excellent if you could answer me this

Well, that’s worded differently, and the answer is kind of long, but here is the simple version:

If it is a custom domain, you own it. However, it you delete an account without removing the domain first, the domain is still “connected” to that account, and the account is not actually deleted for another 60 days. If you deactivate the account with the domain still attached, you can still use the domain on a different host (by changing its nameservers). However, if the new host is using iFastNet severs (New IF account, other free host, etc.) you will get an error, because that domain is still connected to the old account.

In short (as I said before), remove the domain before using a new account or host. I’m assuming you are thinking about moving the domain to a new IF account, but cannot delete the domain. In this case, Admin may be able to move it for you, but you will have to wait for his response.

Hope this helped.



Very well. So what I understand is that I must contact the administrator to be able to request that he remove the domain of that account and thus be able to create another one to be able to use the domain in question.
So I will continue to insist with the administrator to be able to get the precise help.
Thanks for your time :wink:

Just go into the control panel and go into the Addon Domains, Subdomains and/or Parked Domains and delete your domain from there. After that, you can add the domain to a different hosting account.

Assuming you’re using our nameservers, you can do that yourself in minutes.

If you’re not using our nameservers, you should switch to them first or you won’t be able to add the domain to the new account.

I have to sites, but one of them working correctly… @Admin could you tell me how much take it long. to fix issue its more than 7 days my site is down
`[]… the most important thing is i do not have back up for this. could you provide me a backup file so i can download fils, in case of files got deleted… its urgent plzz… otherwise i do not panic, whatever it take…the problem is backup

I think the issue is that he cannot access the control panel.

@Mullayam, please don’t ping the admin

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i can’t delete this, because i do not’ve backup of files, that why i have to wait… i put them directly on server without making… backup… if i’ve backup … i never ping the admin …whatever it take days

Unfortunately, we don’t know. If you have a copy of your files, you can remove the domain from the account (In the “Addon Domains” section on the Control Panel) and add it to a new account. If you cannot access the panel, I’m not sure what can be done besides get a temporary new domain or wait. You can always upgrade to premium of course.

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if we upgrade to premium right now, will we get our website back ?