Website is Blank

I don’t know what happened, but my website seems to be down for 2 consecutive days, Can anybody tell me what happened to my website?
My Website:

It looks that something is going wrong with codes. You should enable display errors from alter php config on cpanel first :slight_smile:

I just enabled it but the page seems to be blank as it was before.

the site was served via Cloudflare
check the settings there
try PAUSING the CF and then see if it works


The website returns a blank page with a status code 200. If the code crashed, it would probably have returned a status code 500 instead.

However, it’s still your website which is producing this output, not the server. If you’re using WordPress, please double check that the theme you’ve configured in your website is actually present in your installation. Using a theme which does not existing can cause WordPress to return a blank page without errors.

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