Website is Down and Could not Access the File Manager

Hi, my website is down, I can’t even access my filemanger through FTP and File Manager online. it asking the server password, but I copied-paste the password correctly from my infinity free dashboard.

I check my other subdomain website with infinity free:,, it still accessible, but my main website is down. Kindly help me.

Anggi Andriyadi

Same Here ! My site was running smoothly, but now can’t access to the monsta file manager from cpanel.

I suggest to wait for the Admin to try and find a solution to this problem.

You have the same problem?

Yes. Yesterday it is fine, however, today is down. But it’s odd, only one website is down, the other website is fine.

I don’t have the same problem on, just because I used the precedent A records to point that domain. Only some Main Domains do point to the wrong IP.
EDIT: Your website should now be working fine! If you experience any problems, please clear your DNS cache.

Some IP addresses and possibly hosting volumes were malfunctioning earlier today. That means the accounts on these volumes/IPs did not work correctly. Accounts not on those IPs/volumes are not affected, of course.

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Ah, my website is up now! Thank you admin and the team.

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