Website name issue

hello Admin,
on the google shows infinityfree instead of my website name,i try to do everything but dint get a solution please help.
thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ll have to get your own custom domain to remove that forever, as free subdomains will cause our hosting’s name to be shown. You can get a free one from or PP.UA. Afterwards change the domain’s nameservers to our ones, add it under the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel, then change your website URL on WordPress (if you’re using it) so it points to your new domain.


There are companies out there that offer cheap .com domains. For example, has a promo going on where you can buy your own .com domain for less than $6:

Buying your own domain isn’t that expensive and you can point it to your InfinityFree site easily by following this FAQ:


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