Website not showing

  • Wordpress installed
  • SSL installed and verified

Keeps showing the above image.

Looks like a parked domain

How to sort it out?


Hello and welcome!
Please keep in mind that you need to wait at least 72 hours before your domain starts working.
For more information:

For me it loads and shows the default WordPress page.


It´s like that for 2 (two) weeks…

can you try this address

I added www as well as the regular HTTP protocol
so that your browser (or router) is forced to treat it as a separate domain and then pull in newer DNS data

besides, the https connection is not working yet (perhaps it takes more time for the certificate or not installed)

Update : the certificate as far as I can see has been requested several times
make sure you have it installed

If you are impatient and your ISP is waiting a long time for an “update”
you can use this and also speed up the internet.

P.S. most routers need a restart to pull new settings


No changes…

I’ll try to explain briefly (pseudo)

it is one thing to request (generate) a certificate

and the second thing is to install it.

Try to understand it as generating a certificate actually make some txt document

but then you have to upload that “txt document” to the server in order for the server to serve it.

this is called installing the certificate.

I repeat, this is only illustrative so that you can better understand what is happening


It’s installed, CNAME created, verified

By the way,
THANKS to everyone trying to help!! :slight_smile:


Surely the problem is in DNS somewhere in your chain (router, ISP, etc.)…
it is best for you to set cloudflare DNS as I mentioned in the article in the previous post.

online test is here

I’m curious so please, can you run this commands in windows terminal (powershell or cmd)


and post a screenshot here

btw. after 10 hops or when it starts throwing out “request timed out
press CTRL + C to stop the process.



Didn’t do anything

Just went to test it and was going to do what you asked and…


Thank you all for your help and time!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: