Website Not Working after changing nameservers

I just change my nameservers to the SSL providers, ‘Cloudflare’. After that my website stops working.

From this KB article, but fixed:

First, delete all DNS records currently in Cloudflare’s DNS page for your domain. Then, you’ll want to add the following DNS records:

  • CNAME record with name @ and the target being your account’s main domain. How to find your main domain.
  • CNAME record with name www and target @ .
  • MX record with name @ , target and priority 10 (to receive emails).
  • An additional CNAME record for every subdomain. So if you have a subdomain “blog”, you need to add a CNAME record with name blog and target @ .

After that, set the SSL option to “Full” in the SSL/TLS page if it was set to “Full (Strict)”.