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Why am I seeing this? I have tried clearing cache and cookies and browser history, but it doesn’t seem to help. It seems to be doing this on my home internet connection. Website seems to work on my mobile phone connection, and was also working earlier today from my work’s internet connection (but not anymore right now).

What url are you visiting? is a domain, your website is a subdomain.

Instead of going to “” (or, in your case, “”), you should go to “” (or, in your case, “”), where “exampleinfinityfreewebsite” is name of the account (with some characters omitted, like spaces), which the url should be shown in your account dashboard (like shown above).


yes, obviously. Sorry. it’s

Your website looks fine to me!

Try clearing your browser cache if this problem persists.


great! but why would it not be working on my home connection, but on other connections? Like i said, I tired clearing cache, cookies, etc. on multiple browsers, but it didn’t seem to help

It might be DNS cache.

Try waiting a bit (up to 72 hours).

But, did you go directly to, or did you go to

Try going to the former.


ok thx. is it possible to hit the site by IP address instead? doesn’t seem like it.

What do you mean “hit the site by ip address” and “doesn’t seem to like it”?

sorry what I mean is, when I try to open the website using the ip address, it doesn’t work:

Infinityfree does not allow you to open your website by IP, I believe.


ok thx. that’s what I figured.

yes, I did go directly to, it works from my mobile connection, but not from my home connection. Will wait the 72 hrs to see if it’s a dns thing.

Websites cannot be opened via an IP as multiple websites use the same IP to keep the free servers efficient.


Was going to say that too, except I didn’t know if that was correct.

It was confusing, but this article clears up how multiple websites can be hosted on one IP (for those of you who want to know, like me).

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But you can preview them by editing your hosts file, as described here:


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