Website still down from outage. Glasgow.UK

My website URL is: and not displaying however; my 3rd website www.blessedlounge .com is working fine?? all hosted on your platform

What I’m seeing is: Server Not Found etc with no access at all to my website landing page

I’m using this software: n/a

Additional information: I am aware of your domain outage, this was stated to be fixed by Friday of this week however I still cannot see my website/ not up running again - please detail the relevant nameserver change and ill update on my domain hosting side, if this doesnt work please offer another solution or ill try another hosting service, thanks

Your first two domains point to,, and, which don’t exist and will not serve your website. Try to change the nameservers from those ones to,,, and (if the domain registrar permits the fifth nameserver) from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel for both your domains.

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ive just checked nameservers and they actually appear to have been rearranged?? NS 1 is now NS 4 etc - this may have been result of your outage very strange - see screenshot

Don’t worry about the nameservers being arranged; just change them to the ones I specified.

indeed i will do thanks; ive never seen this happen makes me question a possible security breach??

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ns’s changed; my 3rd domain that wasnt down already had the new ns’s - i dont recall changing them or entering when opening the account, id like to question the security of our information; does infinitifree have access to our domain registered accounts??

I may be wrong if so its all good, but again very strange to appear manipulated no??

There is a very clear Privacy Policy here.

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There have been many reports of people in the last week who have had their nameservers changed to ns1/ Those nameserver addresses are too specific for this to be a configuration issue on your end.

Normally, we’re not supposed to have any control over you domain whatsoever. The only parties who should make changes to your domain are you and your domain registrar. Hosting providers should not be able to make any changes to your domain settings at your domain registrar.

My guess would be that it’s related to the DNS issue with of earlier this week. The symptoms of that issue make me suspect it was an issue at the registrar or registry who messed up the NS records and glue records of the domain.

So I think (and this is purely speculation) that NameSilo or, more likely, VeriSign messed up the domain nameservers and glue records, and in doing (or undoing) so, also edited the nameservers for any domain using the nameservers.

But this is just a guess. It was a massive struggle to get NameSilo to actually acknowledge the issue and do something about it, and I’m still struggling to get some explanation as to what happened with


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