Website still redirecting to ads after a week+

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I’ve tried installing Grav and Wordpress, both. And both don’t work when I visit my /admin or /wp-admin link, they still just take me to ads. It’s been over a week and the DNS propagation still won’t work (when checked with a traceroute or MXRoute for a variety of conditions). I initially tried to add a CNAME entry to connect to my site, but that just showed ads for a day, then suddenly worked on a few computers but not all (mostly ads), then was ads only for over a week.

I’m using this software: Grav, Wordpress

Additional information:

There was an issue with some of our DNS servers causing some domains to be unreachable or misdirected. This has been corrected. Can you please check if your domain works now?

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