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Hi I have been getting suspended a lot recently.
So basically what happens is that I work on my website and while I do that I have my usage stats open so I I don’t go over the limit. Yesterday when I finished working I made sure that I had quite a bit of usage left so I don’t get suspended again and what do you know I try to access the website today and it is.

My website is password protected as it is still under development so no one can access but me. And it literally has no hits. So I don’t understand why it went over the usage if no one used the website.
In my head there can be 3 explanations:

  • Stats take too long to update (most likely).
  • Stats are not measured correctly.
  • Stats are wrong.

Also I have been seeing alot of posts of people complain about this. I understand why you have the limits. I read the documentations, but one thing you have to make sure of is that the stats you provide are correct so people can follow them. I will be installing this plugin now to monitor the situation better WP Server Health Stats – WordPress plugin | English (UK)

Please let me know of there is anything else I can do.

  1. The stats only update once every 24 hours, so you wont know you are nearing a suspension until you hit it.
  2. What did you get suspended for? It should say in the client area.

Once every 24 is impossible as I have seen it go up many times the same day but I can believe it is every like 1-2 hour.

It is the CPU usage and I know why because I’m installing plugins and editing the website but there needs to be a solid update rate on the stats. I was really trying to stay under but with the current update rate of the stats it is impossible. I just think it should be made clear that they are not in Realtime to the user. In any case I will be trying a plugin that measures stats when I get unbanned.

You are making it worse this way

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@KangJL then how am I supposed to know when to stop?

The graph quite clearly shows aggregates per day, not live counters. There is nothing about that graph that looks like a live counter.

Additionally, we don’t share live data because we don’t want you to use the absolute maximum amount of CPU power possible. We want people to stay within the limits, not try to skirt them.

You’ll know you hit the limit when you get suspended for it. It’s up to you to make sure that that doesn’t happen.


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