Website suspended

I only have 8 plugins, one post and my website got suspended for Temporarily Suspended for [Entry Process Limit]

And I am sure it will happen again in 24 hours, why is this happening? I just installed Site kit and I uninstalled it.

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Yes i actually read that, how am I going to solve this?

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TRUSTPILOT 1 star reviews, theres a lot there,
that all say the same thing.
there website was suppended, when they were just trying to build there Basic site, with wordpress.

i see this soooo many times here on the forum
but nothing changes, it still keeps happening,
and so the 1 star reviews keep increasing on Trustpilot.

i would reccomend you ditch wordpress and use another web-builder like

So this is caused by Wordpress?

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i PRESUME it is wordpress thats causing this
as it seems to be wordpress users that get susppended.

im lucky iv never been sussppended for “entry-process” ???
and iv a 32-page-website.


I installed and uninstalled more than 2 times site kit and i think that this activity in the backend cause the problem cause the hit count was normal. Can anyone confirm my suspicion?

You can also use Publii since it is very similar to Wordpress and even has a wordpress importer:

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Why are you hitting the limit? Because you are using too much of it.

We count system level metrics per account to prevent abuse. Nobody, and then I mean nobody can tell you exactly what to do to “fix” this. We only track counters per day for the whole account. We don’t have any information to link this back to scripts, visitors, URLs, actions or any other thing that has happened on your site.

If you know exactly what happened on your account during that day, you can make a reasonable guess. But most people don’t know what happens on their account and a guess is not a guarantee.

Many people don’t understand this, and apparently think that since there isn’t a “fix this” button the limit must be fake.


Yeah alright, I was just wondering if you have any possible causes of this happening, I installed and uninstalled Site kit and another plugin repeatedly for the past 24 hours, and I am asking if that was it and I need to avoid doing that because I changed almost nothing else on my site, not even a new post. So I don’t actually look for a fix this button, I am simply trying to find what I actually did wrong to avoid it, that’s all.

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I dont think your doing anything wrong.
i think wordpress,might be collecting the users data,
and then sending that data to their servers, possibly for personal data-havesting.
And in so doing, they create a HIGH Data-Spike,
infinity picks this up, and bang, your out.

if this is the case, then its no surprise that this data-spike keeps happening, everytime a new page or new data is added,like images , videos etc, to your updated wordpress site.

Screenshot_2021-06-18 Startpage Search results

Data Harvesting

I am thinking about using Publii, how to upload it though on my infinity free hosting account? Wordpress had the plugin.

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Hi , iv had a quick look at Publii.

  1. the program saves your website files in a folder
    in DOCUMENTS | just Drag&drop

Wow thanks for that, i really appreciate your help, will try it and let you know if the problem’s solved.


You can also use ftp, since his method would require uploading a new copy everytime you edit your website.

I am testing the FTP method now on a test site, and waiting for the suspension to end so I can change to Publii

I made another account on infinity free, with another email and when i connect with the FTP it still points to a WordPress empty page saying

Let’s Make Something Awesome
Your account is all set up, it’s time to build your website!

I already had a WordPress test site there but i uninstalled the WordPress plugin, how to get rid of WordPress completely in my main account in order to upload via FTP the Publii website?

As stated in the TOS, you can only have one account per person. You need to remove your other account now, or you will be permanently removed from majority of free hosting services. Please read and follow the TOS.

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Already removed it, i also managed to upload the website with Publii, in the directory of my older website and the WordPress favicon was there on the top of the tab, is that a problem?

The favicon is just an image that displays in your browser. It’s up to you if you like it there or want it replaced.

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