Website takes too long to respond / load

My website takes about 30sec to respond back and retrieve the information, and I know this is not happening on my network only. I’ve been loosing potential clients because of this issue.

I’ve already read this thread (Website take too long time to open from " INDIA ") and followed the Admin suggestion, but no luck at all.

Is this being caused by ping between England and Portugal?
Or is something I did wrong?
Any help will be appreciated!
Thanks in advantage.

Loads in 2 seconds for me

I think so…

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Thank you for your reply. It really helped the troubleshooting. I’ll make a proxy page to entertain users while it loads.
Best regards mate :slight_smile:

No problems loading here

Your site does take a bit to load for me (US), and you may want to follow the basic advice if you want.

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Minimize download size
  • Ensure code is the most efficient it can possibly be
  • Enable caching headers/rules
  • Use a CMS (Such as Cloudflare)

Thanks @YT_Xaos for the spelling thing. That’s what happens when Grammarly stops working :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ll be sure to check those requirements soon. If it works I’ll let you know and I’ll mark the thread as solved.
Best regards :slight_smile:

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Latency can affect the performance of a site, but websites aren’t that sensitive to latency. So anywhere in Europe, and probably US East, you’re going to be fine for latency.

Are all page loads slow or just the first one? Because I see you’re using WordPress, and with WordPress the WP Cron scheduler is usually the thing that makes the first page slow. This is because WordPress uses that first request to perform various background tasks.

For the most part, this is just how WordPress works, and optimizing caching, CDNs and stuff is at best not going to change anything and at worst make things slower.

But all in all, “my website is slow” can be true for some very different issues with very different reasons and solutions.

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Thank you for the fast reply Admin.

Actually I’ve only experienced it on the Home and Login page, but I believe that it happens on all of them. Still, after the first load I can easily navigate between pages without any delay. But if I leave the site for a couple of minutes then it delays again on that first load.

From what I understand the problem has something to do with the establishment between user and server. After that is accomplished the navigation is smooth.

However I messed up with WordPress update and the website is giving me an critical error, so I’ll just reset it and build it again, and then I come back here to give feedback.

Best regards.

Remember that the servers block pings, so that ping request will always fail.


Sorry to be the one to say this but, minimize*

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What u mean by minimizing it all?

YT_Xaos was correcting my spelling.

By “Minimize”, I meant “Reduce”


This sounds like it could still be the WordPress background scheduler.

There is one thing you could try: what if you don’t visit your website for some time and then open the WordPress readme file at, and then open a regular page? If the readme is slow too, it’s a server connection/warmup issue. If that’s fast and the subsequent page is slow, it’s definitely the WordPress site itself that’s the problem.

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try using a cdn like aws cloudfront or if using wordpress

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I will give that one a try. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Hello again. I managed to make a clean wordpress install with the same theme and only edited the main page with some img and text. It has some delay again on the first load. Could anyone reply your loading times? Thanks in advantage.

All sites on infinityfree (and other hosting providers on free byetcluster servers) are long to respond on first load.

I think, that it’s depends on byetcluster servers. For example, when you work on site - it’s not “sleeping”. When you doesn’t work on it - it will be auto switch to “sleeping” mode, all services and scripts on site are stopped and wait, when user request it.

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Thanks. It appears to be much faster on this fresh install, but I get your point and maybe there was no problem at all. Only the services going idle.

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Thanks everyone for your attention.
I really appreciate it <3