Website was suspended as soon as i made it, no activity at all

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I made this website to mess with people who accuse me or my friends of hacking, it’s using a domain that’s not from this website but I don’t think that matters.
I get no message when logging in, I can still control the website fine it just redirects to suspended-website no matter what i do.

Welcome @c0rvidz :slightly_smiling_face:

From your description of the website it probably violates one or more of the rules, and since it was suspended immediately upon creation that’s another indicator of a violation(s)

Start here: My account is suspended, what can I do now - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

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Wouldn’t i get a notice when logging in?
I don’t get that. Plus i don’t see what rule i could violate before the website was even created?

You don’t have any nameservers. I assume that is why.
Please set them to and

@Steve2854, I do not think so since @c0rvidz can log in to cpanel.

Exactly. See what I said above.


I’m using a Freenom domain and the nameservers there were indeed changed to those two.
I also tried it on which is the main domain and that gives the same issue, so it’s definitely not a Freenom issue afaik

Problem solved, good job @wackyblackie :+1:

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The main domain will always redirect to That is how it works. but if you do not have any nameservers, you will be redirected to

Additionally, you could use CloudFlare (if you are not already) read this guide:


Hey, i just checked and for some reason they didn’t save my nameservers in the settings page. Just changed it and it’s up and running now. Thanks <3


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