What are ManageWP IPs so I can white list them? - ManageWP

Dimitrije from ManageWP here.

I checked our logs, and it seems that something is blocking our requests from connecting judging by this error we are receiving:
“ManageWP is having trouble connecting to your website. Please make sure your website is online with the ManageWP Worker plugin active.”

This indicates that something is blocking our connection with the Worker plugin, so I advise you to contact your hosting provider and ask them to whitelist our IP addresses. Also, they should be whitelisted under any security plugin/firewall on your site (if you have any).

If you want to know ManageWP’s IPs, shouldn’t ManageWP be able to tell you this instead?

However, I don’t think this is an IP whitelisting issue. I think that the requests are blocked by this security system:

TL;DR: ManageWP is not going to work on our free hosting (if you’re not using Cloudflare).


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