What are the restrictions for the VIP of $3.99?

If the free account uploads more than 5GB of pictures, the space will be displayed as full. Will there be these restrictions if I pay? How many times will the surfing speed of paid accounts and the stability of the website increase?

stability its fine, speed no…

The same

Yes, your site will be online more and less likely to experience outages.

What do you mean? You can see the different levels of membership on iFastNet’s website.

I myself use iFastNet, so I can answer most of these questions.

Premium accounts have unlimited storage, you can have 5GB of photos if you want. Just be aware, their Terms of service state that there is a max inodes limit of 840,000

Speed of premium accounts is much faster than free accounts, but I don’t know by how much, exactly.

Yes, there is lots more stability, as @Greenreader9 mentioned.


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