What happened to my site?

Its been more than 24h since my site is showing erro 22: connection timed out https://vivelavidaconmay.com/

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Where is the “support”? Its been two days with my site down and no answer.

@Admin @OxyDac


Generally no need to bump, because even if we are not visible in the forum (unanswered topics)
much of our work is done internally.

A lot has happened in the past 2 days and until that is resolved
It would be foolish and irresponsible to give people half-answers
E.g. “We see your topic - stay tuned

It is often better not to answer at all instead of give dubious quasi answers

Soon admin will come and respond with more information
Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

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It seems that something is going with the nameservers causing domains to be down or redirect to ads pages. I’ve written an announcement topic with more information about the issue. Please keep an eye on that topic for updates.

Any news…?

Yes. Did you read the announcement about the issue, and the update which says the issue was resolved?

Is not resolved for me… Have you tried to enter to my site? https://vivelavidaconmay.com/ Im still getting Error 22 Connection timed out, Im not being redirected to ads or something else. @Admin

I’m sorry, it looks like your domain was left corrupted after the last outage. This has been fixed for your domain name, and it seems to work fine from my end now.

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Thank you! Now it works.

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