What is the cPanel used by infinity free?

And is it downloadable into ur own server?

First of all,
Dont ping admin(it is useless coz Admin has disabled ping notifications)
VistaPanel is closed source and it is NOT downloadable.


sorry man i deleted the ping thanks btw for the answer

does infinity free use myownfreehost?


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The vPanel is a heavily edited version of the proper cPanel, so if you want to pay min $15/month, and then edit the entire thing yourself, then you can have it.


But I still know where Ifastnet bought the edited version of cPanel, idk whether to leak it.

where?? And how do you know it??

bro they bought it right? so how is leaking to tell where they bought it.

I did a research on vPanel and I found it out. And for leaking it, I am afraid that I can’t.

I think Ifastnet asked that company to edit cPanel out so that Ifastnet can put it to use for mofh but it must be bought and it is not available for sale.

Hint= That company is from 2001 and it is still running

Bro there is little to none documentation of vpanel how did you get it? And it’s not leaking to tell where ifastnet bought it and/or tell me where you found it

VistaPanel is not an edited version of cPanel. The frontend design has similarities, but under the hood it’s completely different. It’s quite easy to tell actually, the main dashboard looks similar but basically every other page in the panel is different than cPanel in design, features and URL.

And cPanel is a single server management system written in Perl, VistaPanel is a frontend to a multi server hosting platform written in PHP.


Then why is there a cpanel credits

At the bottom

That was part of the replicated cPanel design.

I wouldn’t have put the cPanel logo there myself, but it’s there.

Hmm, but you can still remove it tho.


but its there because it is edited cPanel

So vPanel is not anytype of cPanel?

It literally uses cPanel scripts:

# cjt/e2e.js                                      Copyright(c) 2015 cPanel, Inc.
#                                                           All rights Reserved.
# copyright@cpanel.net                                         http://cpanel.net
# This code is subject to the cPanel license. Unauthorized copying is prohibited

This code is subject to the cPanel license.

Im so confused.

VistaPanel is not cPanel. They look similar, but that’s just the HTML/CSS/JS of cpanel.epizy.com. Everything else is completely different. Different server side code for the control panel, different reseller system, different admin system, different server management backend.