What's Stopping SEO?

Did I understand correctly that you are not letting SEO work on free hosting?

This $ i = 1 of yours … it prevents search engines from ranking the site)))

Basic site gluing does not work, the site has a redirect from www to no www, taking into account https, but SEO analysis and Search Engines report that the site is not glued.

Or have I misunderstood something? :slight_smile:

SEO Works properly in free hosting, but there are limitations. Like Ahref’s crawler is unable to crawl free hosting site due to 403 Forbidden.

In this case, I don’t know so much, but you can check your .htaccess file. It’s happening from server side. You can use Cloudflare for more functionality.

The after url ?i=1 is part of security system, that is added by ifastnet (partner of infinityfree free hosting) on free hosting accounts.


Note that this is there for your security, but if you want to remove it you can use Cloudflare.

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