When i try to point A record on my website ip it is redirecting to suspendeddomain

So i have the infinityfree domain rplayserver.epizy.com and freenom which is connected to cloudflare
And when i try to point A record to the website ip rplayserver.epizy.com it redirect to suspendeddomain
Please help!

This is what I can see!!
Kindly share freenom domain and CF dashboard then only we can help!

did you add the domain in the control panel first?


Umm no but rplayserver.gq is freenom domain which is connected to cloudflare

So rplayserver.gq is redirecting to suspended domain

here is the dns screenshot from cloudflare

First of all, this is a forum, not a live chat. It’s not uncommon to have to wait for a few hours to get a response. No need to bump your post ever few minutes.

As for your issue itself, you were already given the answer:

You MUST add the domain to your hosting account first or you’ll get exactly this.

Pointing it to the IP address of your hosting account is not enough, because every IP address hosts many thousands of accounts. So you need to add the domain name on our end so the server knows which website to load for the domain.



but i have nameservers to cloudflare

Follow this:


still dosent work

because you never did this


but how when i have the nameservers to cloudflare

login to your wp admin dashboard?


i did it

you mean add domain to this:

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yes ofc.

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that means i have to change nameservers?

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ofc again

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then cloudflare will no longer work right?