When was InfinityFree founded (created)?

I’m curious when was Infinity founded, because it seems most of the users are from 2019. Also @Admin why did you found it?

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IF founded since September 2016. The reason why most the people joined in 2019 is… Probably it was a lucky year for InfinityFree :slight_smile:

Also @-Admin why did you found it?

I’m also curious. Good foundations should have an interesting reason.


I started offering free hosting in 2011, opened the first service as Grendel Hosting in 2012, and moved everything to InfinityFree in 2016.

InfinityFree (and it’s predecessors) has quite consistently grown since it was first created. Combined with a normal customer churn (projects which end, people who lose interest), this results in many people being quite new. But there are many people who’ve created their website with us in 2016 and have been running it happily for years.

If you were hoping to read a great story about how I’m trying to make the world a better place, I’m sorry to disappoint. The free hosting project started as a fun hobby while in school when I found YouHosting. But I offered a good, stable service for a long time, and more and more people trusted me to host their websites.

When YouHosting went downhill fast in late 2015, I switched over to iFastNet’s platform, where I was able to identify an opportunity to create a great service. I realized I could take the fast and reliable platform of iFastNet and offer it in a more user friendly package that iFastNet did. This worked out well and has allowed me to grow InfinityFree rapidly ever since.

But it all started as a hobby which got out of hand.


Though turning a hobby mini project to a stable project is great since most of the hobby projects are being removed after while.

Why did iFastNet agree to sponsor InfinityFree?

IF uses a reseller program run by iFastNet called “My Own Free Host” (often abbreviated to MOFH). You can use that to run a hosting business that provides free hosting, which is what the admin does.


iFastNet makes money by selling premium hosting services. Providing free hosting is their main method of promoting themselves. And to offer the free hosting, they operate their own free hosting brand ByetHost, but also allow others to offer the service under their own brand. Because in the end, the premium upgrades are provided by iFastNet, regardless of which brand offered the free hosting.


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