Where can I find the HTML file of a page on my site in filemanager?

Where can I find the HTML file of a page on my site in filemanager? Because I want to update the page but idk how to change HTML with Elementor and if I choose a other editor my page gets deformed.

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You did not fill out the topic template and provided the URL (website address)

It is possible that you do not have an .html file at all but only .php (which then contains html code)


Where can I find than that file in the filemanager? Like what is the way to it, like htdocs/etc.

The HTML files are dynamically generated via PHP, so you have to look for the PHP file, or use elementos UI

Yes, that’s what I’m looking for but I searched in File Manager but I can’t find it. Isn’t there path to it?

The path is different for every file, and one page may be split up into multiple of them. Why can’t you just use the online editor in the Admin panel?

If you’re using Elementor, it means you’re using WordPress, which means you can’t just edit the HTML content. You’re now dealing with WordPress/Elementor themes/templates, which have a lot of additional PHP code embedded into them to make the CMS functionality work with them.

If you’d rather edit the HTML of your site yourself, you could just ditch WordPress and make a static HTML site instead.


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