Which functions are granted to me to use on the website?

Hello Everyone,

I had to open this topic because I have a couple of questions considering that my “PHP Operating System” is in the development.

My real concern here is using some of the built in PHP functions that would cause my account to be suspended until I open a support ticket.

I wanna know If there is a documentation with a list of blacklisted functions on the InfinityFree Hosting Service, we all know we can’t use functions such as exec(), system(), passthru() and such… but my question is can we use functions such as disk_free_space(), disk_total_space(), readfile() URL, etc…

You get the point.

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readfile() is allowed to use :slightly_smiling_face:

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If we don’t allow you to use a function, we can just disable it. There is no need to get staff to review the function usage on a case-by-case basis. So we’re not going to suspend your account for using a particular feature of PHP.


Sure thing!

Thank you for taking your time to respond,

I’ll contact the support in case something goes the other way.

Thanks again.

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