Why can I not use multiple pages with a free account?

I noticed that I cannot navigate to a second page on this free website. Is that a restriction on free terms of use?

The same code allowed me to jump to another separate page on different website. But not on this one.

Actually, you can. In your HTML, did you remember to set links to right page, and spell perfectly (and case sensitive)?


I must have done something wrong. I used the same copy and paste code that I used with 000webhost which worked fine on theirs. Perhaps I need to try something different.

Maybe you could share more information about your website and the page you’re trying to setup so we can try to help you? Like a URL to the first page and a reference (link or button) where the second page should be?


It seems to be working now: http://practicedomain.epizy.com/?i=1

Initially it didn’t work, so maybe it needed some time to upload?

New or updated pages should be live near instantly. However, due to caching, it may not always be immediately visible.

But I still don’t understand what exactly was broken before, so I’m not sure what could have caused it.


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