Why cant access to my wp admin?

**My website URL is:http://belanjamudah.info/wp-admin

What I’m seeing is: I want to open WP Admin to install the wordpress themes but didt find page which usually enter WP admin username & password

I’m using this software: wordpress, softaculous

**Additional information:simply how link to login into wp admin?

The link for WP Admin is right, but for me it seems there are some issues with the nameservers, because it shows an ads page.

so what need to do? I’m not familiar with coding so this bit confusing

This issue from last weekend caused some domains to be deactivated when they shouldn’t have:

You should be able to fix this by removing the domain from your account and then adding it again.

I have the same issue, could you specify how to do it?

Did you read either my last post or the workaround instruction in the outage message?

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