Why cant people download my website files/games?

so i am a bit new to infinity free and i dont know a lot of stuff but i find out how to fix them but this error is one i cant find out how to fix

so the error is 403 forbidden

i am trying to make a website were people can download some games me and my friends make but when we where trouble shooting our website after we can view it. we press the download button and it gives us error code 403 forbidden

(403 Forbidden - InfinityFree)

our website is (http://xertzgames.rf.gd/)

if anyone knows how to fix it please help us

There are 2 possibilities:-

  1. File name and path are incorrect OR
  2. EXE files are blocked
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thanks for info i am gonna re-check the code and files and will let ya know if it fixed it

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just checked every thing even updates still getting same error `(>īš<)′

NVM it worked thanks @KangJL

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Using InfinityFree as a storage and allowing others to download them is against the terms of service

That is true.


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