Why is my site not working?


I have connected my domain to the host and when navigating to this domain, he writes to me

how do I fix this

This is what I see…


@KangJL opposite to what you see my Chrome for Android says “This site can’t be reached”.


For me (using two network connections), gets “This site can’t be reached - DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” on both networks. While you gets an Error 404 which in turns as a 404 - File/Resource Not Found. While @KangJL gets a welcome screen (inviting you to create something) powered by the index2 file.

Not sure if your site is still under propagation? If you recently created your website or linked a domain into it, make sure to wait for 72 hours for everything to go right.


Google Translate: 404! Why is my site not working?

Do you use something to make everything complicated? Like using a CDN and anything that makes some changes to they on how your website works.

Well, when I use before a CDN with Wordpress it literally destructs my site making it inaccessible in just minutes. I just fixed mine by disabling the CDN. Just my own experience not the exact answer to your question.

Some up time checker
Z-ovWebsite Name:

z-ov.gaURL Checked:

no responseResponse Time:

unknownLast Down:


Z-ov.ga is DOWN for everyone.

It is not just you. The server is not responding…

when you turn on the VPN and the site works fine

I therefore conclude, that your website is still propagating. Because it was not accessible worldwide. Some DNS providers take up to 72 hours for this process to be completed.

Timeline for my TMAC PowerStore’s (My website) propagation:
*1st Hour - Appearing only on my ISP DNS
*6th Hour - Disappeared on my ISP DNS
*8th Hour - Appeared on CloudFlare DNS
*12th Hour - Randomly Disappearing on my CloudFlare DNS, Reappear on my ISP DNS. Unavailable on Google DNS.
*24th Hour - Randomly Disappearing and Reappearing on my ISP DNS and CloudFlare DNS. Partially Available on Google DNS.
*36th Hour - Appears on ISP DNS, CloudFlare DNS, CloudFlare DNS and other popular ones. But they sometimes disappear and reappear
*48th Hour - Appears on all DNS Providers I tested but my website is unstable and sometimes just inaccessible
*72nd Hour - Everything is working fine.

Turning on VPN, changes your DNS Provider. Your current DNS Provider still does not record your site. Wait for 24 hours or so, for atleast for your site to appear (but it can be unstable or cannot be guranteed).

@crazy_fun The best option is to wait 72 hours and let the “Internet” do its job. Because Internet is setted-up like this:

*Domain Name System (DNS) gets your website within 24 to 48 hours or on some it happens every 1 hour.
*DNS passes the info to your web browser and if the info is still wrong on the DNS Server you will just fail to visit it properly.

If you cannot understand me, here is a guide from the Admin.


I get you, I’ve been thinking about it.

Please note this banner in the client area if you view the account details:


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