Why is my website showing that it's a danger website

My website is fully working. SSL and DDoS protections are working. But the problem is that Chrome marks my website as danger. I had my DNS pointing to Cloudflare with a Universal SSL on. What’s the problem now???

For me it doesn’t mark your website as dangerous right now, but you may send the link here for checking it and tell if the website is secure or not; if not again it may be a problem with your ISP and you need to contact them to solve the SSL problems.

thanks, maybe the “mark as danger” is outdated. just need to clean some of my caches.

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Try to open your website in Incognito mode or use a third party SSL checker like this one: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html

If you don’t get any SSL errors that way, it means everything is working and the cache issue will solve itself over time.

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