Why So Many Other iFastNet?

I was looking for another free hosting while idly because FTP from InfinityFree was having problems and accidentally I found the same hosting with InfinityFree that is using the iFastNet service and after I registered more or less the contents are the same as this:

Hi hkda_24652607,

To notify you of changes to service, account status changes, offers, and other important service emails we need permission to send you email.

Please click ‘I Approve’ below to allow us.

Alternatively to continue with no email alerts, which may cause you to loose your account click “I Disapprove”.

And I’m trying to ask something, can anyone use iFastNet services or is InfinityFree just a reseller to sell free hosting through ad revenue?

If the reseller how much does it cost? but if only through advertising revenue will it cover hosting costs?

Because I was very confused, I also could not always be online to see ads for once a month and sometimes I could forget not to visit cpanel

I am waiting for free hosting in my country to be approved as soon as possible within 24 hours from now and the hosting uses only the banner and copyright system and can InfinityFree use the system? So that I can promote without having to visit cpanel at any time

Thank you, maybe this question is a bit annoying but I feel curious because there are so many free hosting out there and I don’t understand how much profit to make free hosting

I try to answer your question as far as I know.

Yes, iFastNet/Byet.Host has a program called MyOwnFreeHost.
Everyone can register to this program & become reseller for free. Of course it has different quality with their paid reseller.
With that, you can open your own business hosting. You can make paid or free hosting package. & InfinityFree makes it for free, too.

Such as 000webhost system? I disagree with system like that.


I Disagree too. I mean, it is out of someone’s opinion ,like my opinion :frowning:


Thank you for the answer and I just found out about this free hosting program that is run by using the MyOwnFreeHost program

Maybe for some people it is a nuisance because the hosting will be seen where, but users can also choose between having to see the monthly advertisements or placing banner ads on websites that run to stay active forever

Sometimes there are people who often forget not to log in to cpanel because they often set websites on FTP, I have read the FAQ repeatedly so that the website remains active, so I have to see ads

I know that the ad is a source of life, but I hope that in the future there will be two choices between putting a banner or visiting cpanel per month given by @admin

For your site to stay online, it actually just needs to be visited a minimum of 3 times per month (which is actually really generous).


iFastNet’s system does provide the option to inject code on end user websites as well. We choose not to use this for multiple reasons, of which service quality is the most important one. We want to provide a free hosting service which is good enough that we would use it ourselves, and the hosting provider injecting ads into your website is a massive turn off. There are plenty of providers available who don’t inject ads, so there is absolutely no reason to have to accept this.


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