Why some ISP block all my port i foreward

example same server own Slovenia:

http://sandiwebscada.ddns.net/ (works ISP dont my ports i foreward!)

http://perc.ddns.net/ t-2 net ISP block all my forts even 80 is blocked, they told me all is open, but my server is open only in our network t-2

what i should do, change my ISP?

Other ISP in my country same servers configuration privat works, here any port i foreword ISP blocks!

Port forward from your router then check again

I try in ISP network t.2.net everywhere in slovenia open my routher ports, but other servers block all port on ip reg. domain piramide.homeftp.org

try all port is not on my router, ISP is blockin all port but i dont konw why? all other ISP her i do not have those problems…


here in slovenia on t2.net open my server port forewart i need only 80 443
or that ip…
try to scann my ports i open 80 443 check whit kali linux all my internal settings… all ok

what you thin in your oppinion is? those from ISP are stupid really

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