Will our data be lost after outage


Error 521 is coming rn

It was working fine till afternoon (ist time) but then suddenly when I was updating something on my site a message came ‘critical error, check admin mail inbox’ then when I reloaded a different error came which is there when the site is suspended. I thought my site has been suspended but in the client area it was saying “active” and after a few minutes the error 521 came. saying that the browser and Cloudflare is working properly, there is a problem with the hosting provider… I thought this error would be corrected in some time but as it is now it’s night over here, and the error is not corrected Then I checked this community form and I got to know about this outage. So I think that my website is down due to this shortage… And, my website backup is scheduled weekly which had to be taken today, but the website went down before the backup, so if my data is not backed up for 7 days. Will my data be lost or it will be there after the outage

Your data should retain through the outage. Hopefully none of it was corrupted by the outage.


The issues are indeed related to storage. But so far, there have not been any indications that the recent outages have caused any data loss.

I just checked your website, and it’s back up again now with a live website, so I think that means that your data was safe?

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Yes, my data is safe and my website is live right now but this error is being shown every time I try to access my wp-admin panel. Though I can view all pages of my website but can not edit it…

I have attached the image of error below

Your website is working fine for me. Please try clearing your cache and cookies.

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Yes, My website is working fine but, I am not able to log in to my account after this outage. Its showing critical error. Image attached above

Wp-admin works for me.
What do you see when opening the same page in incognito?

I think there may be a problem with your WordPress site’s database.

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