Wordpress error debug & can't acces email

What I’m seeing is:

This error occured after updating a wordpress plugin that gave an error saying basically the same as on the screenshot above, then a page with something like “maintenance try again later” something like that. After refresh the error of the screenshot occured.

I am using the softaculous plugin & a domain from godaddy+cloudflare dns. I have setup the mx records the website worked also, but cannot enter the roundcube mail.

I don’t know what to do now. Hope you can help me out guys, i have put lot of time in the website!

I have fixed the issue by renaming the folder of the last plugin installed and delete/reinstalling it.

Now the only thing left is the email problem.

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roundcube is working. did you enter the username and your password correctly?

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You can use smtp setting in your wordpress. Try SAR Friendly SMTP or SMTP Mailer.

The default mailer of wordpress in infinityfree can only send notification to admin, new users and password reset.

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Did you check this article already?

Please note that MX records only affect your ability to receive email. They don’t affect accessing or sending email.

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I will try this out, thanks!

Still not working for me, have also modified the email address and password wiith only letters/numbers.

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